increase in AOV
increase in retention
increase in conversions
4 reasons to Zest
Simple & quick integration
With a best-in-stack tech, ZestMoney is super easy to integrate into your business.
Works online, works offline
With ZestMoney your customers can pay you in EMIs on your website, on your app or in-store.
No restrictions on product categories
With ZestMoney you can sell multiple products - how ever many you want.
Best-rated EMI platform
Customers love ZestMoney and its effortless, fully-digital process.
Zest makes it super easy for your customers
Sign up
Customers sign up with ZestMoney, and complete their profile to discover their credit limit.
They activate their credit limit after the KYC process and setting up automatic repayments.
Customers pay with ZestMoney during the checkout process.
Why Zest makes business sense
“With ZestMoney no customer is too small for our business”
Vishnu Kumar
“We’re turning window shoppers into shoppers, thanks to ZestMoney!”
Anu Gowda
“With ZestMoney no customer is too small for our business”
Vidur Singh